Content: The Essence Of Marketing

Why has the word “Content” gained so much significance in the field of marketing? Is is because it’s easy to create? Or that it requires a lot of investment or that it needs people with a particular skill set to create it.

I know for a fact that Content if created with a purpose for example for a target audience would generate a good number of shares and views. These are not the primary goals of Content for marketers or at least I would say for real marketers. Content is created so that the target audience knows that the company is trying to get a message out.

Now whether that message is in the form of a  good story, Engaging content or a technical blog, Once met, your content would drive potential customers to your site.It all depends on how well you package that message when you deliver it to the end consumer.

Take my situation. I would be ready to read anything as long as it engages me for the right amount of time. Some content would be excellent but very lengthy. I would probably save it for later reads but never find the time to get to it. Some of it is short, and it makes me feel like I wish there were more. If you read some of the most popular content out there, it just takes the right amount of time that we can spare to read it. Finding that time among the diversity of users online is a challenge.

Let’s say a while ago (10 years back) nobody knew what generating good content meant. Companies hardly invested in content creation. The concept of maintaining blogs and letting users drive the conversation was new.Why has content gained so much importance over the years?

I would like to explain that with three things Earned, Paid and Owned media.

Earned media:  Content is generated by potential and existing users. Who are these users? They are the ones that use your product or service or have heard about your brand from a source. They do it because they like you for what you represent and want to be a part of what makes your brand.

Paid media: This is what the brand pays for in exchange for generating good content. They could outsource it via third parties or use influencers to create content or any other way through paying for it.

Owned media: a Sole property of the brand. They have created, and they own it. Includes websites, blogs, magazines, etc.

Marketing: Making users aware that you exist and are here to fulfill some need of theirs. We have so many forms of marketing. I am not going to list them but you get the idea. Every form of marketing involves generating content which can be categorized as mentioned above.

I have uploaded a video which is one of my personal favourites out there as to why content is the essence of marketing.

As you can see why content creators are the backbone of the industry and why content plays a major role in being the essence of marketing.

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