Social Marketing: Why We Need It Now More Than Ever

In this new age of social media, I am amazed to see how well-connected people from different age groups are. The reason I decided to shine some light on this topic is to help us understand how these connections can be used for the greater good.

The question is “How many of us actually leverage these connections to give something back to the society”? It is true that it has become so easy to connect with anyone and make connections. Social media brands have given us that platform to do it easily and faster.

How do we leverage our connections for the cause: Social marketing

  1. Join a community which has people actively talking about giving back to society.
  2. Ensure that you join one community that is close to where you live. In the case of any new project, you can easily be a part of it.
  3. If you do not have the time to do such activities, you can always participate and share your ideas.
  4. Help your friends by leveraging your contacts to help them out.
  5. I see a lot of communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., where people start up good projects with a few people in the beginning and then the number rises as more people become aware of the initiative.

The reason for me to throw light on this topic is because we are all stuck in the virtual world for most parts of the day and we forget that a real world exists.

One of the top brands (Pepsi) executed a project called the Pepsi Refresh Project.

Pepsi is giving away millions each month to fund refreshing ideas that create an impact in a meaningful way. The ideas with the most votes will receive grants.

Initiative: We’re looking for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact. Look around your community and think about how you want to change it.

The link below shows how Pepsi executed this project and how it got people of that particular community to understand their pain point and help build something that is meaningful for the society.

It is one of the best examples out there that tells us no matter what brands are out there, all of them can make a difference if someone takes an initiative. Why can’t that be one of us?. Just something to think about.

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