Content Marketing: Why It Should Be At The Top Of Your To-Do List

Companies are coming up with creative ways to reach the perfect audience for their brand. They follow all the traditional methods that have worked for them for the past few years and are unwilling to take risks to invest in other forms of marketing.The usual suspects are as follows

  1. Advertising
  2. Media Campaigns
  3. Promotional offers

The younger set of companies focuses on

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Influencer Marketing

While there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, why not invest in one of the most basic forms of marketing which drives all your other marketing endeavours? Yes, it is Content Marketing.

In one of my previous articles titled Content: The Essence of Marketing, I talked about how content is the primary driver and why your marketing efforts should have content as the core driver

What’s going on?

My role model Joe Pulizzi and his team from the Content Marketing Institute have explained this in the easiest possible way. Listen to them by clicking on the link below.

The Story of Content – Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

Now you have heard as to why Content Marketing is at the bottom of the To – Do list for most companies. I have titled the article as such so now, let us look at how some of the companies use content marketing to get their audience to understand that they are there for them.

So what are the companies that have Content Marketing on their To-Do list? One of my favourite examples is from a company called John Deere. Though other companies would have thought that this company doesn’t need a Content Marketing strategy as its audience wouldn’t care if it had blogs or magazines.

The actual truth behind how this works.

How John Deere Uses Content Marketing to Educate Customers

One of the best examples out there as to why companies need a Content Strategy to focus on Customer pain points rather than selling their products to them.

No matter the size, industry products your company sells, your content strategy needs to ensure that this is the audience that I can help out or assist them to understand how to make their lives better.

If you haven’t started yet, then this is the time to start crafting a Content Marketing strategy and get it on the top of your To-Do list.






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