Digital Marketing Demystified

Why has digital marketing gained so much significance in recent years?. Digital Marketing is an umbrella term which talks about marketing products and services using digital channels.

 In this article,I will be talking about all the digital channels that exist, the advantages that digital marketing has and why it has to be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

What does Digital Marketing Encompass :

  • Search Engine Optimisation : It is the process of affecting a web pages visibility on how it ranks on search engines in organic results, otherwise known as unpaid search results.This is important because of the following reasons.
  1. You have a great website.
  2. Great content.
  3. Always keep it updated.
  4. Relevant keywords and content.
  5. A good number of specific keywords that have high search volumes.
  • Even though you have all of this, your website would still not rank higher mainly because you haven’t focused on how to optimise your website.

    When you have all the prerequisites that are needed to rank your page higher, optimising it, plays a key role which is where SEO comes into play.


  • Search Engine Marketing : This part of it talks about improving the visibility of your pages  primarily through paid advertising. You have Google AdWords to help you with this.
  • Display Advertising : As the name suggests is the process of advertising online i.e on websites. It has many forms like text, images, videos and audio. It also includes Billboards which are known as “Out of home media”.

The above-mentioned items are the ones which are not popular among the majority of the audience today. Only people who own websites or who are in similar industries know the importance of these things. All of these fall under Digital Marketing.

Now let us look at those aspects of digital marketing which the current generation is familiar with.

  • Social Media Marketing : It is the process of using your social media sites to drive traffic to your website or blog. Every profile of yours whether be it on LinkedIn, Facebook , Twitter etc is unique in its own way and has its own audience. So you should decide why and for what purpose you want to use each of these profiles.
  • Influencer Marketing : It is about how you leverage the “thought leaders” relevant to your industry to grow an audience and help distribute your content to the masses.
  • Content Strategy : It is the process of designing content that will help in educating, building and growing your audience by solving a basic need of your targeted audience.
  • Content Marketing : It the process of using various techniques to promote your content so that it reaches a maximum portion of your targeted audience.
  • Digital Marketing also extends to Marketing via mobile phones such as SMS & MMS.

One of the main reasons for me to throw light on this subject is because people generally do not know the scope of digital marketing. I am going to explain by citing examples that would give a sense of clarity on ways of applying digital marketing to become successful.

  • Learn how to create a  successful SEO strategy : The link posted below gives us an easy way of understanding SEO from one of the most successful guys in the industry “Rand Fishkin
  • Display Advertising Campaign : Look at how powerful this display advertising campaign from Coca-cola turned out to be. Here is a link to the video below.
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign : This campaign was created by Volkswagen called ‘The Fun Theory‘. It was designed to motivate people to use stairs more. Here is a link to the video below.
  • Influencer Marketing : The short video below give you an overall picture as to how and why Influencer marketing is important.

As you can see how well it has worked out for all the brands that have embraced these practices. I am going to give you deeper insights into how you can effectively use Digital marketing and the untapped potential that it possesses.

  • Brand Lifeline: Invest and focus more on the right type of channels such as earned and owned media but do not completely ignore paid media.
  • Consumer Decision journey (CDJ): Invest at the right stages of the consumer decision journey. In the Digital age, we have resources to help us get better insights into the likes and wants of the consumer.
  • Be informative and relevant: In the Digital age, providing the right type of information is the key to a successful audience.
  • Digital Integration: Make sure you are able to capitalise on the all the platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook,Google+.. etc) and tools (IBM’s Bluemix,Google Analytics, etc) to reach your target audience.
  • Publishing Platform: Become a source of insights and use the 4 C’s of Digital marketing (Content, Curation, Culture & Connecting) to engage with them and keep churning out content like there’s no tomorrow.

Hold on to this as your go to article for Digital Marketing. It has all the basic information that you need in understanding what this is all about.



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