Content Strategy Part 5 : Optimising Your Content


You have invested time and money to create core strategies for your content. So this is what comes after. Consider this as the final touch up to your content.This is what makes your content presentable for search engines and all of those other things that are necessary to ensure that your content reaches the right audience.

So why is optimising your content important? Let me explain this in a way that appeals to all of you. Consider yourself sitting in a restaurant and you browse through the menu to find something that would entice your taste buds. Now after a long wait, your food arrives. You see that you got what you ordered but you are confused as to why it looks different. It tastes as it is supposed to, it smells as it is supposed to but it doesn’t look presentable.

Content strategy part 5.

The same thing happens to your content. No matter how good it is, how informative, how elegant & how relevant it is, it won’t matter if you do not present it well. I have read so many articles , good articles which I believe lost their lacklustre as I was almost halfway through because it wasn’t structured properly, or because it didn’t have a proper flow or because it had irrelevant advertisements on the side.


No matter which of the above-mentioned factor it was, it still made sure that your content didn’t achieve its true purpose. This is why this topic is important in so many subtle ways. So how do we proceed?

  1. You have understood who is your target audience.
  2. You have figured out which one of Earned, Owned or Paid media you would want to invest in first.
  3. You have figured out what type of content you want to put out there.

Next is finding a proper voice for your content. When someone reads it to you, it should feel as if you are listening to a chorus. Even the slightest distraction will throw if off and would make you open your eyes. This is what happens to readers when your content is not optimised properly.

This is the reason why optimising your content is so important. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that.

  1. Have a good picture and a catchy title. Not always necessary but try hard to get there.
  2. Give a proper meta tag for the picture.
  3. Write a small excerpt of your content so that it gives a snapshot of your content to people browsing online.
  4. Have proper headings in your content. It should not just have paragraphs after paragraphs.
  5. Pictures!
  6. I would highly recommend one or two videos if it makes sense to put them there.
  7. Do not focus too much on technical terms thinking that the search engines will rank you higher for doing that.
  8. Relevant advertisements.
  9. A comments section for your audience to engage.
  10. Social share buttons.
  11. Set aside a couple of hours so that someone can read it to you. This will give you a sense of what your content actually sounds like to the reader.
  12. And finally, perform a spell check.

As you can see it is not that hard to apply the steps mentioned above to your content but it does take effort and consistency is always the key. To be honest it will take yo some time to figure out how to optimise your content but as you keep doing it you get better and better at it. The points listed above would help you to get started, you have to figure out how to optimise your content in the long run.


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