Content Strategy Part 6 : The Final Touch

Now that you have your audience, earned, owned and paid media strategies in place and also figured out a way to optimise your content, the only thing left to do is how do you apply the final touches.

  • Content: Have an idea of the articles and other information that you would want to publish for the whole year. This would reduce the amount of brainstorming that you would need to do every time you need to put content out there.
  • Schedule: Is your content going to be once or twice a week. Maybe even more. Whatever maybe your plan, you need to plan it for the whole year before you implement your strategy.
  • Time: Split your year into segments. The first 3 months would be your pilot program to see if you are able to stick to the schedule. Once you are all set, it becomes a part of your daily schedule and then you can focus on other things. The next 6 months only focus on this and make sure that nothing goes wrong.
  • Analytics: Use the last 3 months to pull and analyse data about how your strategy has performed.
  • KPI’s: Develop your key performance indicators and figure out what you want to measure and what will measure the success of your content strategy.
  • Metrics:Either invest in a third-party software to measure your metrics or if you have the resources you could build them from scratch.
  • Cost: Now since you have figured out what your strategy is and how to measure it, you should be in a position to figure how much is it going to cost you to if you implement this for the whole year. The pilot program that you ran would give you a rough estimate of the figures.

There is always room for improvement. Always remember that, when analysing your data. Do not be biassed towards your data. The data is what it is. Use it to drive meaningful insights rather than to make your numbers look good.

Now you are all set to go. Just be clear on why you have your KPI’s and what is their purpose. You could always tweak your KPI’s later as you get better at your content strategy. Ensure that you measure things for a long duration rather than a shorter one. This is because you would be able to get proper insights as the amount of data collected increases.

Remember that consistency is the key and is always a positive attribute to have.


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