Branding & Engagement Part 2: How Brands Engage With Customers

This is the continuation of the original piece titled How Brands Engage With Customers. This gives you more information as to how well brands engage their audience by understanding their issues.

When I talk about how brands engage with their customers, I basically think that there are two ways of looking at it.The first one consists of brands that just want people talking about it and the second one consists of brands that engage with customers to solve their issues. You have companies like Threadless, Local motors, IKEA and Red Bull who have mastered customer engagement.

For these brands, customer engagement is at the core of their strategy. Branding happens on its own over a period of time but the kind of following that these companies build are strong and last longer than what most brands can only dream of. The brands that are true to their customers when projecting what they really stand for make it out alive in the long run.

One of the brands that found a way to  engage customers well and stays true to what it stands for is a restaurant called the Heart Attack Grill. They are actually proud that they serve you food that is loaded with calories, food that falls under the fast food category and also under fried foods.They embrace it and have found a way to actually make themselves one of the most appealing restaurants. How did they manage that, the answer is simple:

  • By engaging customers and showing them what they are truly made of. Here is a video that shows you just how well they did it.

Another Brand that has customers engage themselves from the day they buy its products is ‘IKEA’. I believe this company is truly built for customer engagement.

They recently launched something called The IKEA Museum which basically is an exhibition divided into three sections: Our Roots, Our Story and Your Story. They have tours set up about its culture and why they exist and what makes them so unique. They have online bookings so that customers can register for visits to the museum. Here is a link to that website.

For a company that sells furniture, you can see how well they engage their customers.Here is a video of how IKEA teaches you to make the most of the space that you have.

It is a refreshing video on how you can make big changes to your home with the existing space and find space that you never noticed before. This has so much relevant information for anyone planning to buy furniture or for people who are trying to reorganise their space. It helps customers and potential customers as it is informative.

And finally one of the most important ways in which the services industry engages with its customers is via customer support. The amount of information a company can receive from its customers about how they really feel when using their services is through this channel. A lot of companies do a bang-up job when it comes to customer support. One of the best examples is Amazon.

So no matter which industry you belong to and what you are selling there is always a way to engage with your customers. You just have to find the right balance between what your core value proposition is and how to ensure that customers see you for who you really are.

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