Influencer Marketing Part 1: The Platform


Once you have established yourself on Social media the next logical step towards reaching out to a wider audience would be via Influencer marketing.

In my previous article on How To Maximise Your Impact On Social Media Platforms talks about creating a strategy to ensure you get maximum reach and harness the power of social media to maximise your impact. Once you have done that and believe me it takes some time to get to that stage, your next step is what this article is all about.

When I say value proposition what I mean is how do you ensure that you have a very strong platform that looks attractive to influencers. Influencers are the way to go when you do have some money to invest and also one of the most effective ways to reach a wider audience.

Your audience defines what kind of platform you have created for your brand. Now you have to figure out which influencer appeals to them and would they be the right fit for your brand?

If you are a sports brand, looking for Influencers means sports stars. So depending upon the category of your brand you could have different influencers or it makes sense for some brands with less diversification to have one Influencer represent it. What are the factors that you need to look at when you want to invest in Influencer marketing?

  • How much you plan to invest?
  • Is the Influencer the right fit?
  • What is the sentiment of your audience with regards to the Influencer?
  • The personality of the Influencer.
  • Will your audience understand why this Influencer is the right fit?
  • How long you want this relationship to last?

What characteristics of the Influencer should a brand look at when selecting one.

  • What is his image in society?
  • Does that image suit what your brand stands for?
  • What are his views about your brand? This is important because if you select an Influencer who is an animal activist and ask him to represent a fur coat manufacturer then there is a huge gap right there.

These are things that need a lot of planning and brainstorming as they will affect the brand’s long-term survival. One of the best ways to figure out who would actually fit your brand well would be via surveys. These surveys should be created for the audience by providing them with choices of Influencers. This would you give a better picture of the gaps that lie between your selection and that of  the audience.

Finally, comes the point where you have to tell the Influencers as to why they would need to partner up with you. The advantages, benefits, audience etc. So it works both ways. One thing to keep in mind is that once you have signed an agreement with an Influencer try your best to make the relationship work. If it doesn’t you lose you audience base that comes with the Influencer and also you are at a loss when it comes to brand value.

I would like to leave you with two tips. The first is to ensure a good synergy between the brand and the influencer and the second is to make sure that the audience of the Influencer and your audience intersect at some common point.



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