Digital Marketing Part 4: Customer Retention & Satisfaction

It has become so easy to understand and serve your customers in the digital age. The big question is how are you going to ensure that you serve your customers well.What is your strategy to ensure customer retention and satisfaction?

No matter how good your offering is you need to ensure that your customers are happy and want to keep using your products/services. One of the ways you can do this is by ensuring that you are there for them when they most need it. This is why you need to create a proper channel for supporting your customers. We have seen many large companies having a dedicated support team to ensure smooth business.

This article is mainly for companies that can’t afford to hire a separate team. So what can you do to ensure this?

  • Go social: Have a Facebook, Google+, Linkedin page where you can answer customer queries. You can educate your customers regarding posting their issues on social media and that you would respond to it.
  • Website: You would need to have a separate customer support section on your website so that customers can get in touch with you when in need.
  • FAQ’s : Most people take this section lightly and do not put in much research as to what needs to be on there. What do I mean by this? Most companies take this section for granted. They look at other websites and see the frequently asked questions section and tailor it to their product/service. This is a big NO.
  • Research: Take some time and listen to the queries asked by your customers on social media. Conduct surveys to figure out what are the common issues that they face. This will give you so much insight into how to populate your FAQ’s.
  • Blog: This is an important factor. You really need to have a blog to address the issues of the customers. This is not a medium to promote your products/services. Please ensure that the information you provide here should be something that reduces a customer’s problem rather than telling him that by purchasing your products/services their issues will be solved.
  • Community: Do create a community page on all the social media sites. This would help you address issues at different levels and is also a good place to collect information regarding the likes and wants of your customers and will give you an idea of the overall sentiment towards your brand.
  • Resources: You would need one resource dedicated to research and one resource to manage everything social. They should work together and this would really benefit the organisation as a whole in understanding its customers. I would also suggest that this team work with the guy who is handling customer support via different channels to get an idea of all the different types of issues.

What tools do you need to be aware of?

  • Social Mention: This would help you get an overall feel about the sentiment of your brand.
  • As you can see I did a search on google in social mention and you can see the kind of data it provides.This just gives you a brief idea of what the overall sentiment is of your brand. You can also download a list as shown in the above image. Very useful insights.

  • WordPress: Use this platform to create your blog. I use this and it is so easy to do so. You have more options if you avail their premium services.

 These are just some of the free tools out there to get you started. You can use WordPress to create a separate blog if you do not have one or you could use it to create your complete website. It depends on how you want to do things.

  • If you feel like spending a lot and think this is your long term goal then I would suggest you look at these full fledged software’s that help in giving you insights.
  1. Gainsight
  2. ClientSuccess
  3. Whatfix
  4. FullStory

Things surely have become easier in the digital age but please do keep in mind that it can go both ways. I am referring to things related to customer experience, product experience or anything that the customer comes in contact with when using your product or service.

While it is easier and cost effective to help solve your customer queries online it also becomes difficult when things go wrong and you have angry customers. With the help of the internet they can turn things around for your company. We are all aware that things spread like wildfire when it comes to Social media. I’d suggest do everything you can to ensure that you don’t land up in a situation where you have to be reactive.



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