Digital Marketing For Startups Part 1: The Checklist & How To Scale

When you are a growing company with limited resources and funds you have to find other ways in which you can scale your business without incurring a lot of expenses. One of the ways to do that is to think about how your company can build a digital marketing strategy and invest in a few things that would help you scale effectively.

This article is going to help you identify your checklist and figure out the things that are necessary for your startup to help it scale. Most of the items in this checklist you would have in the long run but for now, let’s see what is necessary for you at this moment.

The Checklist:

  1. Website: Do you have a working website? Is it up to date?Do you have a resource allocated to keep it on top in search results in your industry?
  2. Blog: Is this relevant to you? Can you invest time in developing one?Can you allocate a full-time resource for this?
  3. Campaign strategy: Do you have resources that can be put to use at any moment to create a digital marketing campaign?
  4. Resources: Do you have the numbers or do you need to hire? How do you ensure that you give multiple roles to each employee?
  5. Social media: How active are you on social media? Do you have a theme?
  6. Audience: Does your brand have a following? If it does how are you engaging them?
  7. Research: Do you have a resource to ensure that you are using the latest tools and techniques when it comes to your digital marketing?
  8. The reason for your existence: Is it a B2B or B2C company. What problems of the common man is your brand trying to solve?

As you can see these are the lines on which you have  to think when you plan on scaling your startup in the digital age. You have to figure out which of these you are already doing and on which you would need to invest. It is not going to cost you a lot if you can hire the right talent who can perform multiple functions.

When you think about digital marketing you don’t need too many resources. I would say one resource to manage campaigns and another one to manage social media and research. This could be the entire team for your startup in the digital marketing area. It is not that hard of a choice to make but do remember that if you invest in digital first then you won’t have a problem when you are scaling up.

All of the constraints that your startup would face in the future in the area of digital marketing would disappear if you invest in the beginning. If you ask how then here’s the answer.

Most companies don’t do this early on and invest in other things. Especially companies that are startups never invest in digital. They wait till they grow bigger and then think about this and by that time your company has grown to an extent where you would need to hire an expensive expert.

You can eliminate this cost if you had hired a resource earlier on. You would have 2 advantages.

  • You don’t need an expert at this point as the company is just setting up shop.
  • As the company scales the resource would get a better understanding of what digital marketing strategies would best suit it at that point of time.

In the end, this resource would become equal to a highly qualified expert as time passes. This works trust me. I work for a startup myself and I have seen the company execute amazing digital marketing campaigns with least amount of resources but those resources understand what the company stands for, who their audience are and how to tailor a campaign to get maximum reach.







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