The Art Of Reconnecting With Clients

Why is reconnecting with clients such a daunting task in the digital age? This is harder in the case of tech touch companies. We have tools that have made it easier to reconnect with anyone but at the end of the day it still feels as if there is a disconnect. People in client facing roles understand that better than anyone.

Initially, once clients sign up the only time we reach out back to them is when the renewal date comes up. That is when all the issues spill out and there is no stopping it. Now the company feels like it has been hit by a moving train. Now everyone scrambles to see what was happening with the account so far. The only place that they would find any kind of information is by going through support tickets. Sometimes even that isn’t enough.

Teaching Moment

This made companies realize that clients needed a voice and somebody from their end had to be there to listen to them and tell the company as to what is going on. This part of it is called the periodic health check of the account. This is just barely scratching the surface. Now you have two points of data to look at.

  • Support tickets
  • The person doing the health check of the account

Eureka Moment

Companies started building more data points to ensure that they get an overall picture of the account all in one place. This would differ from company to company but here are the general data points.

  • Value desired
  • Value achieved
  • Adoption
  • Engagement
  • Are we talking to the right people from the client side
  • Issues and incidents
  • Retention and churn management
  • Feedback

Now this would give anyone looking at the account a vivid picture of the account health as a whole. Now the task was to find the right type of people who would fit this profile and execute this well.

The Art Of Reconnecting With Clients And Birth Of Customer Success

Companies started hiring people and they started doing tasks related to the above activities and this ensured that clients had a voice that could be heard loud and clear. Now clients understood that when these people reach out it is not just about renewing the contract and that they actually care.

Here’s How You Reconnect

Reconnecting is an art. Here are three simple ideas that I follow.

  1. Introduction email -Brief intro about yourself and what you would be doing for them.
  2. Anniversary email- Create a template that shows that you are celebrating.
  3. Survey email- To get to understand the temperature of the client.

This is the order in which it should be sent out.  Even if it is a long time until the client’s anniversary comes up keep talking to them. Get your marketing team on board and craft beautifully destined templates for your clients. This would ensure that at the time of renewal things move as smoothly as possible.

Please do not automate these emails. Keep changing the language, tone and add more stuff to them. This will let clients know that you are constantly thinking about them and are not just automating it. Being in customer success your portfolio of accounts is all you have to show for. Put in the effort and make it as original as possible.


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